walter_g: Squall Line_Rye Town Beach
walter_g: Wheat Field On Red Oak Hill In The Rain
walter_g: Stonehouse Pond Rain & Fog
walter_g: Lupine In The Rain
walter_g: Strawberry Moon 6-17-19
walter_g: Here Comes The Sun 6-17-19
walter_g: Street Lamp
walter_g: Arts In The Park
walter_g: Prescott Park Formal Garden
walter_g: Rye Harbor B&W
walter_g: Lobster
walter_g: Castles At Brentwood 6-11-19
walter_g: Looking Across The Cove 6-4-19
walter_g: Windsor Covered Bridge_Frozen
walter_g: Hampton Beach Strip 6-7-19
walter_g: Hampton Salt Marsh Conservation Area 6-7-19
walter_g: Looking Down The Beach
walter_g: Some Gave All
walter_g: Jenness Beach 6-4-19
walter_g: Sunrise And High Tide
walter_g: Portsmouth Harbor Light
walter_g: Portsmouth South End 6-1-19
walter_g: Kayak_Nahe River
walter_g: Now a museum
walter_g: Prescot Park_Strawberry Banke
walter_g: Lake Tahoe_Early Morning
walter_g: Hazy Moon 5-24-19
walter_g: A Sunny Day In SFO
walter_g: Rye Beaches 5-18-19
walter_g: Blue Moon Over IOS