rocami19: livinG reflectionS
May-margy: F-3S0A6455.2022-01-18-Canon EOS R5-Canon RF 24105mm-May Lee 廖藹淳
bjoernahrensfotografie: Down the Rabbit Hole
neumann.deutschland: Inside an Elevator
meylan1982: Vienna Calling
HiJinKs Media...: Just Some Two-bit Impressionism
Sam H. Maas: Untitled
Bruno Malfondet: Abstraction
WalrusTexas: Mood Over Manhattan
jurek d. (Jerzy Durczak): Little squares
secon_dario: Fractals
eeblet: b&w rhythm
bernard.saubot: Urban abstract series
storm runner: Angkor Wat
Klaus Ressmann: RedSign.jpg
Armin Fuchs: there should be art
Armin Fuchs: Postlude No-Man's-Land - ... heavily striped ...
Yamabxl: Lucid dreaming ...
lupusEst!: FUJIFILM-GFX 50R-GF45-100mmF4 R LM OIS WR-0194
lupusEst!: FUJIFILM-GFX 50R-GF45-100mmF4 R LM OIS WR-0176
MarkBaker37: urban abstract...
MarkBaker37: Freedom Bridge...
mifranc91: C'est un tableau de Soulages, c'est noir
IN2UT: Decaying dam
IN2UT: Turn out the lights the fair is over