Marie du 35.: Saint-Malo.
Lyuda_: Sunset in Columbus, Ohio. March 13, 2020
rdwaters: “Forest Reflections in the Congaree Creek”
rdwaters: “River Iris”
Marie du 35.: Maison dans son écrin.
markburkhardt: Stone Mansion
markburkhardt: Flowers Sunset
Lens and Shutter: Harbour in the old city center of Dubrovnik.
Lens and Shutter: The native wooden motorized boats in Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangsinan in the Philippines.
Marie du 35.: Etang de Villecartier.
Lens and Shutter: Those magical moments when one stands up on the higher ground and calmly marvels at the beauty of nature.
Lens and Shutter: The orchids abd the sea. So tropical atmosphere.
Lens and Shutter: Getting off the wooden motorized boat to enjoy the beach of a tropical island.
Lens and Shutter: The crystal clear water on the shore and the emerald bluish ones on the horizon. Tropical beaches are just so majestic.
Lens and Shutter: Outdoor dining. One of Europe's tourists' attractions.
Ricardo Pallejá: Cuack, cuack...
Lens and Shutter: Overwhelming view for the tourists up on the Skywalk.
Theunis Viljoen LRPS: Covid19 - Patterns, Confusion and Isolation - II
Lens and Shutter: March 2019. Milan, Italy. One year ago when the world is still orderly.
Lens and Shutter: The coconut trees of the tropical countryside.
Simon W. Photography: Blackpool South Pier And Pleasure Beach. March 2020
Simon W. Photography: Cigs n Drinks. March 2020
Simon W. Photography: Me, you and the dog make three. March 2020
Simon W. Photography: Reach Out To The Horizon. March 2020
Simon W. Photography: Eurasian Blue Tit. March 2020
Simon W. Photography: European Robin. March 2020
Simon W. Photography: Erithacus Rubecula. March 2020
Marie du 35.: Lever du jour.
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Hasselblad Irving Penn