2c..: 15.39 Pm, Heuston station, Dublin.
2c..: Falcarragh beach, Co Donegal, Ireland.
2c..: Skelligs mist
2c..: Atlantic Surf, Co Donegal.
2c..: Skyscrapers of Harold's Cross
2c..: 18092018
2c..: Ice trains; Mannheim.
2c..: Lower Manhattan, NY
2c..: Harvested peat plains, Bog Of Allen, West Kildare,
2c..: Berlin Ostkreuz
2c..: Rathcoffey Castle, Co Kildare, Ireland.
2c..: Waiting for the Off...
2c..: Sunset Commuter
2c..: Landenstown
2c..: West Kildare, Ireland.
2c..: 5930072020
2c..: The birth of a rainbow
2c..: Close Encounters of the Car Wash kind
2c..: Ocean Squall
2c..: Skellig Micheal & Bolus Head, Co Kerry, Ireland
2c..: Late June Sky
2c..: Summer on the canal.
2c..: Dame Lane, Dublin.
2c..: Kells Bay, Co Kerry, Ireland.
2c..: Evening Commuter
2c..: Faded 9