2c..: Seaweed, Surf & Sand.
2c..: Midlands Sunset
2c..: ESB Allenwood - The lift'
2c..: ESB Allenwood - Manning the chains - March 1991.
2c..: Allenwood Powerstation (1991)
2c..: Yes you can...
2c..: Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany.
2c..: Inch Strand, Co Kerry, Ireland.
2c..: West Kerry Sunset.
2c..: Autumn on the Avenue.
2c..: Highgate Cemetery, London.
2c..: West Kerry Sunset
2c..: Ballinskelligs, Co Kerry, Ireland.
2c..: Inch Beach, Co Kerry Ireland.
2c..: 'An Fear Marbh', Co Kerry, Ireland.
2c..: The Blaskets, Co Kerry, Ireland.
2c..: Skelligs & Bolus Head, Co Kerry.
2c..: 5703072016
2c..: Car Wash
2c..: The Poisoned Glen, Co Donegal
2c..: Donegal Rain Squall
2c..: The ceaseless nibble of the sea...
2c..: Harvest...
2c..: Speers County, Kentucky, US