rdwaters: “Redvein Abutilon (‘Abutilon pictum’)”
rdwaters: “Banana Shrub (‘Magnolia figo’)”
rdwaters: “White Flowering Maple (‘Abutilon x hybridum 'Albus'’)”
rdwaters: “Beatrice Loves to Look Out the Window”
rdwaters: “A World of Green”
rdwaters: “Interplay Between Shadows and Light”
rdwaters: “Railroad Tracks and I-126 Over the Congaree River”
rdwaters: “Lily Pads (‘Nymphaeaceae’)”
rdwaters: “Fallen Tree”
rdwaters: “Rhododendron (‘Rhododendron ferrugineum’)”
rdwaters: “Orb Weaver”
rdwaters: “When Angels Cry”
rdwaters: “American Holly (‘Ilex opaca’)”
rdwaters: “Lion's Mane Mushroom (‘Hericium erinaceus’)”
rdwaters: “Narrowleaf Sunflower (‘Helianthus angustifolius’)”
rdwaters: “Sadly, Did Not Bloom in Time”
rdwaters: “Autumn Mood”
rdwaters: “Entering Riverfront Park”
rdwaters: “South Carolina State House (2 of 2)”
rdwaters: “South Carolina State House (1 of 2)”
rdwaters: “Butterfly Bush” - (in Explore 10/12/2020)
rdwaters: “St. Francis of Assisi”
rdwaters: “Coneflowers”
rdwaters: “Entering the Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve”
rdwaters: “Fungi (‘Stereaceae’)”
rdwaters: “Pacific Dogwood (‘Cornus nuttallii’)”
rdwaters: “Uprooted Tree in the Congaree River”
rdwaters: “Shell Ginger (‘Alpinia zerumbet’)”
rdwaters: “Fungi in Monochrome (‘Lyophyllaceae’)”
rdwaters: “The Columbia Canal”