rdwaters: “Mountain Witch Alder (‘Fothergilla major’)”
rdwaters: “Leaves Opening on a Young Fig Tree”
rdwaters: “Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)”
rdwaters: “Forest Reflections in the Congaree Creek”
rdwaters: “Pink-sorrel (‘Oxalis articulata’)”
rdwaters: “River Iris”
rdwaters: “Butterweed (‘Ragwort’) in Black & White”
rdwaters: “Butterweed (‘Ragwort’)”
rdwaters: “Abstract Flower in Technicolor”
rdwaters: “Muscadine Grapevine (‘Vitis rotundifolia’)”
rdwaters: “Cherokee Rose (‘Rosa laevigata’)”
rdwaters: “Anthurium”
rdwaters: “Elroy Running Down the Stairs”
rdwaters: “Wisteria in the Woods”
rdwaters: “Shagbark Hickory Sapling”
rdwaters: “Spiderwort (‘Tradescantia’)”
rdwaters: “Beatrice Trying Her Best to Wake Up”
rdwaters: “Snapdragon Buds”
rdwaters: “Iris”
rdwaters: “Southern Crabapple Blossoms”
rdwaters: “Garden Tulip”
rdwaters: “A Walk Along the Columbia Canal”
rdwaters: “Oriental Paperbush (‘Edgeworthia chrysantha’)”
rdwaters: “The Blue Heron and His Shadow”
rdwaters: “Saucer Magnolia Bloom” (Version # 2)
rdwaters: “Saucer Magnolia Bloom”
rdwaters: “Common Blue Violet”
rdwaters: “Chinese Sacred Lily”
rdwaters: “Pink Azalea Buds”
rdwaters: “Elroy Looking Sleepy”