rdwaters: “Lucy Looks at the Camera”
rdwaters: “Black-eyed Susan (‘Rudbeckia hirta’)”
rdwaters: “Hydrangea”
rdwaters: “The Strangler”
rdwaters: “Pink Rain Lily (‘Habranthus robustus’)”
rdwaters: “Saw Greenbriar (‘Smilax bona-nox’)”
rdwaters: “Our Polluted World”
rdwaters: “Wild Mushroom”
rdwaters: “Spear Thistle (‘Cirsium vulgare’)”
rdwaters: “Young Yellow Garden Spider (‘Argiope aurantia’)”
rdwaters: “Black-eyed Susan (‘Rudbeckia hirta’)”
rdwaters: “Anthurium Unfolding”
rdwaters: “Rosemary With Blossoms”
rdwaters: “Red Daylily”
rdwaters: “Lucy Trying Her Best to Stay Awake”
rdwaters: “Winged Loosestrife (‘Lythrum alatum’)”
rdwaters: “Coral Bells (‘Heuchera’) on the Front Porch”
rdwaters: “Lantana on the Front Porch”
rdwaters: “Begonias on the Front Porch”
rdwaters: “Lucy on my Lap”
rdwaters: “Bumblebee on Carolina Horsenettle”
rdwaters: “Muscadine Vine”
rdwaters: “The Caterpillar Says, ‘It’s an Upside Down World’”
rdwaters: “Blue Heron and His Shadow on the Water”
rdwaters: “Dogfennel (‘Eupatorium capillifolium’)”
rdwaters: “The First Time Lucy Has Relaxed on My Lap”
rdwaters: “Hibiscus Closed”
rdwaters: “Fairy Fan-flower (‘Scaevola aemula’)”
rdwaters: “Oxeye Daisy (‘Leucanthemum vulgare’)”
rdwaters: “Bea Says, ‘I’m Trying to Nap, Please’”