rdwaters: “Looking West from the Eastern Tip of Folly Island”
rdwaters: “Morris Island Lighthouse”
rdwaters: “Folly Beach”
rdwaters: “Crepe Myrtle Buds”
rdwaters: “Hibiscus Flower Closed”
rdwaters: “Brown Anole (‘Anolis sagrei’)”
rdwaters: “Bronze Dancer Come To Life”
rdwaters: “A Dark Longing”
rdwaters: “White Spider Lilies”
rdwaters: “Okra Plant Blossom”
rdwaters: “Gulf Fritillary”
rdwaters: “ESB (Extra Special Bitter)”
rdwaters: “Salvia and Bumblebee”
rdwaters: “Beatrice in Sepia Tones”
rdwaters: “Inside an Abandoned Warehouse” (Chiaroscuro Series # 1)
rdwaters: “Holly Osmanthus or False Holly (‘Osmanthus heterophyllus’)”
rdwaters: “Bumblebee Loaded with Pollen”
rdwaters: “Street Art”
rdwaters: “Onyx Chess Pieces”
rdwaters: “River Cooter in the Columbia Canal”
rdwaters: “Morning Glory”
rdwaters: “Redvein Abutilon (‘Abutilon pictum’)”
rdwaters: “Bumblebee on New York Ironweed”
rdwaters: “True Cedar Female Cone (‘Cedrus’)”
rdwaters: “Columbia Sunset”
rdwaters: “Reflections in the Columbia Canal”
rdwaters: “A Happy Dog”
rdwaters: “Mom, Is It Time to Go Home Yet?”
rdwaters: “Anthurium Bud”
rdwaters: “Theo”