Fototak: 2012-03-16, ZB, Meiringen
Fototak: 1997-04, WM, Fahrwangen
Katell Ar Gow: Quand le manteau blanc joue avec les nuages...
perlmic: Haute-Nendaz, Valais
echumachenco: In the Bernese Alps
W-chlaus: Fondue isch guet ...
nicolasheinzelmann: «rather naked than dressed.»
Fototak: 2019-11-10, CFF, Aarberg
W-chlaus: Hausen, Switzerland
phillysportsfan42: Shadows and Light at Basel Rathaus (City Hall)
SnappyTraveller: Rebecca: Incoming Chough
u_uebelhart: 00420-2: Herbst in Soglio
jaeschol: Snow pillows on Berninapass
gerry fornera: Switzerland
Tjaldur66: The window
SnappyTraveller: Rebecca: Beautiful Fontané, the village where the road runs out in Valle Malvaglia
SnappyTraveller: Rebecca: Last season's snow! I've been sorting through some pictures from the summer. Here's one from the start of summer when last winter's snow was slowly disappearing, this winter's snow is already on its way!
SnappyTraveller: Rebecca: Loving all the wonderful autumn colours. This one is from last year in the Val Bedretto, Switzerland
Fototak: 2019-10-07, CFF/TILO/TPF, Fribourg/Freiburg
Nath @lie: Blanches montagnes...
Jérôme Farine: Lac Léman
loose_grip_99: Interlaken Bern Switzerland 23rd September 2019
phillysportsfan42: Basilisks Fountain, Basel, CH
Pixelsfitter: La plage 9/10
perlmic: Coucher de soleil sur les chateaux