MarianoJT88: Trees and temples
MarianoJT88: Tradition
MarianoJT88: Senbon Torii, Kyoto
MarianoJT88: Fruttkapelle
MarianoJT88: Japanese garden, Kyoto
MarianoJT88: A few trees in a city of concrete
MarianoJT88: Last spring
MarianoJT88: Tenryu-ji, Kyoto
MarianoJT88: Boat excursion in Arashima, Kyoto
MarianoJT88: Nanzenji's Sanmon entrance gate, Kyoto
MarianoJT88: Kamo river, Kyoto
MarianoJT88: Eigergletscher
MarianoJT88: Architectural collage, Chicago
MarianoJT88: Palpougnasee, Switzerland
MarianoJT88: One of many bridges, Chicago
MarianoJT88: Winter mist
MarianoJT88: First snowfall (in summer!)
MarianoJT88: Riverwalk from the London House, Chicago
MarianoJT88: Half-frozen Sihlsee
MarianoJT88: Metropolis
MarianoJT88: Last stretch of the Chicago river
MarianoJT88: A city to explore
MarianoJT88: Maggie Daley Park, Chicago
MarianoJT88: Skyscrapers in Chicago (hotel view)
MarianoJT88: Fessisseeli, Switzerland
MarianoJT88: Still for a second
MarianoJT88: Switzerland
MarianoJT88: Blue above the clouds
MarianoJT88: Walensee and Walenstadt