MarianoJT88: Descending to Batöni, Switzerland
MarianoJT88: Agitated sea, Lanzarote
MarianoJT88: Dying Glacier (Aletsch), Switzerland
MarianoJT88: Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote
MarianoJT88: Autumn in Melchesee-Frutt
MarianoJT88: Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, Lanzarote
MarianoJT88: Life on volcanic land, Lanzarote
MarianoJT88: Starfield library, Seoul
MarianoJT88: Freedom
MarianoJT88: Lantern Festivall II, Seoul
MarianoJT88: Blüemlisalphorn, Switzerland
MarianoJT88: Seoul, modernity and tradition
MarianoJT88: Connected everywhere
MarianoJT88: Seoul from the Lotte tower
MarianoJT88: Winter in the Alps, Switzerland
MarianoJT88: Bongeunsa temple, Seoul
MarianoJT88: Sunrise above the fog, Switzerland
MarianoJT88: A selfie in the heights
MarianoJT88: Gangnam style, Seoul
MarianoJT88: Spring flowers
MarianoJT88: Descending from Klöntalersee
MarianoJT88: View hard to beat
MarianoJT88: Christmas in Strasbourg
MarianoJT88: Entrance to gyeongbokgung palace, Seoul
MarianoJT88: Hiking towards Melchsee-Frutt
MarianoJT88: Sunset in Seoul
MarianoJT88: Lantern festival I, Seoul
MarianoJT88: Bernese Alps from the distance
MarianoJT88: Gangnam at night, Seoul
MarianoJT88: Light and shadows