leogaggl: attention
chezzah67: Follow My Leader
Henk Binnendijk: Noordpolderzijl, Groningen
wooiwoo: Lamd in a filed, Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland, UK
gstamets: Dim Evening in Swaledale
Dugswell2: Ewe Hiding
Ἀρέθουσα ArethusaNatureFan: Hortobágyi Racka Sheeps in love :) - Racka juhok (Ovis aries strepsiceros hungaricus), Ουγγρικά πρόβατα «Racka»
gstamets: A Healthy Lunch
gstamets: Swaledale
John FotoHouse: sheep | dog | YSP
Richard Laidler: Shady Sheep Jun 2020
Dugswell2: Sheep Seeking Shade
Supersonic8t7: Hey guys, have you heard the news?!
Paul Freidel: Just starting to shed
RoystonVasey: Woolly Wensleydale
RoystonVasey: Woolly Wensleydale
gryphon569: Sheep and lamb
peterdayson: Llanridian ,Gower
temeplayer: Is there a rule for sheep that when grazing you must face west?
gstamets: Late Evening in the Washburn Valley
RoystonVasey: There's Always One
RoystonVasey: Multicoloured Dream Coat
Dugswell2: DSCN3290
Dugswell2: DSCN3289
autumnhillswoollens685: Nature's Cloud Design
World of Izon: Pool near Wigtown Harbour