chriechers: Hanau
qurystof: parc
chriechers: Großkrotzenburg
ppdiaporama: Pont Samuel-de-Champlain
Andreas Komodromos: 9th Avenue in motion, New York City
austin granger: Through a Passing Train, Portland
box_brownie: Rush hour on lockdown
Jon Dev: Architectural forms and materials: pillars and wall, steel and glass
Joseph O'Malley64: The Built Environment, Forest Gate, East London, England.
Loed Photo: Vitry - Les Ardoines 04
Emory Minnick: Sailing the Bay-San Francisco CA 00192
tango-: Copenhagen, Denmark 377
porochelt: 2019 Duitsland 0331 Dresden
porochelt: 2019 Duitsland 0319 Dresden
stillunusual: We have run out of ideas....
stillunusual: We have run out of ideas....
epvazquez2006: Se viene la noche
ro_ha_becker: Schloss Jever
Didier Ensarguex: Paris Montmartre
Massimo Gerussi: L1056001_1
wavz13: More 1970s fun from the good old days! A low-res frame from a Super 8 movie showing a stripped car surrounded by trash near the bank of the Morris Canal. Ellis Island water towers at left. A crane graveyard rounds out the scene. Jersey City. April 1976
lauren3838 photography: Corner garden (HFF!)
Toshi_Tokyo: P1003166
Thanathip Moolvong: Golden in blue Hour
HIDEAKI1981: R0008362 RICOH GR Ⅱ
Plan R: Khemarak Phoumin Avenue (130), Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Rob Oo: Inspiraled by Bauhaus
Thanathip Moolvong: Golden in blue Hour