Agirard: Hollywood, California. Shoppers (1942)
Agirard: At Home...
Agirard: At Home
Agirard: At Home
Agirard: Wreckage (1910)
Agirard: Chamelier du Sinaï (Camel driver of Sinaï, 1920-30)
Agirard: Anglo-Egyptian Sudan - camel soldier of the native forces of the British army (c.1910)
Agirard: Tanana Valley Railroad Company (T.V.R.R), bridge, head of Fox Gulch, Alaska (1916)
Agirard: Oasis in the desert (1890)
Agirard: New York Public Library, New York, USA (1908)
Agirard: A scene during the Civil War (1862)
Agirard: Civil war veteran Andrew Hauenstein (between 1900-1912)
Agirard: El Monte federal subsistence homesteads (1936)
Agirard: Unemployed young men (April 1939)
Agirard: Turpentine "chipper" and slashed tree near Homerville, Georgia, USA (1937)
Agirard: Colonist to Alaska from Minnesota (1935)
Agirard: "I am an American" (1942)
Agirard: Migrant near Buckeye, Maricopa County, Arizona, Migrant African-American Cotton Picker and Her Baby (1940)
Agirard: Migrants (July 1942)
Agirard: 35 Celcius below ! (31 F below) !
Agirard: St-Jean (St-John), Orleans Island, Quebec, Canada
Agirard: Parhelion
Agirard: Parhelion
Agirard: Migrants (drought refugee) 1937
Agirard: Migrants family, California, USA (1939)
Agirard: I'm from Missouri... (1939)
Agirard: A tribute to Jack Kerouac (On the Road) and John Steinbeck (The Grapes of Wrath) (1938)
Agirard: Migrants walks from the mines to the lumber camps to the farms (1938)
Agirard: Child of migratory worker (1936)
Agirard: Drought refugees. California, USA (1936)