Shane B. Murphy - Photographer: Fire in a New-Build Townhouse Under Construction in Beamsville
mandalaybus: 1964 Oldsmobile in Havana
peterkelly: Waterhole Dusting
peterkelly: Moving Through Crocodile Country
peterkelly: Wildebeest At Rest
peterkelly: Hippo Slips Into The River
peterkelly: Abandoned In The Sand
peterkelly: Boulder Croc
peterkelly: Dead Pan
peterkelly: Ancient Song
peterkelly: Namib Dune Morning
peterkelly: The Sun Sets In Fish River Canyon
peterkelly: Bucking The Trend
peterkelly: Pain Free
peterkelly: Mandela's Big Glasses
peterkelly: Succulent Flower
peterkelly: White-breasted Cormorant Nest
peterkelly: Home Gestures
peterkelly: Wet Hair Morning
peterkelly: Cape Weaver
georgepuglisi2: DSC08902
richwat2011: Watendalth
Poul-Werner: Tourists in Town
Poul-Werner: Ceiling Ornaments
Janusz W.: Snowman Rally 2011, Highland, Scotland, UK
plutogno: Saint Sernin
nchavezm: Dwejra Bay
plutogno: Erdene Zuu Monastery, Mongolia