westrail: Unusual double
westrail: International Vectron Double
westrail: 5G across Austria
westrail: Lokomotion old girl
westrail: 193 553 and 555
westrail: Sweet dreams
westrail: Through the World Cultural Heritage with Mercedes
westrail: Meeting with Richard Wagner
westrail: A beauty at the age of 40
westrail: Mallow flower
westrail: ÖBB Timber train
westrail: "LKW WALTER" along the Danube River
westrail: STANTE Poland-Italy
westrail: Oldie with "Pflatsch"
westrail: Colorful Railjet
westrail: From Zagreb to Vienna
westrail: Highlight of the day
westrail: Zentral Bahn
westrail: Always this photographer...
westrail: Built for Europe
westrail: 22800 Hp - 1144 245 and two sisters
westrail: An unusual container train
westrail: A cat has 1000 faces...
westrail: July 1994 train spotting in Hamburg
westrail: Curtici shuttle
westrail: ÖBB Checkerboard in Upper Austria
westrail: A Slovak in Upper Austria
westrail: Birthday gift for a retired train driver
westrail: ÖBB Vectron on the overtaking track
westrail: You can't do without the veterans