westrail: Meeting in the snow
westrail: Brenner rolling motorway
westrail: Chess board Regionalexpress
westrail: Austrian Container shuttle
westrail: LOTOS steel train
westrail: A monster on tracks
westrail: NEWAG "Impuls"
westrail: Heavy coal train
westrail: Byk - "The Bull"
westrail: DB loco with ÖBB "City shuttle"
westrail: Colorful steel train
westrail: A Czech in Poland
westrail: Speed and coal dust...
westrail: Arriving Passau main station (Bavaria-Germany)
westrail: And, what do you want from me?
westrail: Leaving Linz (on the Danube) - upper Austria
westrail: 9,6 MW for a regional express
westrail: Volkswagen in crisis?
westrail: Blue Vectron
westrail: Taurus double
westrail: Vectron is the girl's best friend...
westrail: Rail Cargo Austria
westrail: Climbing 1144 Austria loco
westrail: Let the sunshine in...
westrail: Metrans along river Danube
westrail: Colorful container train
westrail: I see what you can't see...
westrail: TRAXX 119 009 Alpha
westrail: EuroCity Service to Innsbruck
westrail: I told you that I wanted to have my rest on Sundays...