_BuBBy_: Might be a Bollywood day
_BuBBy_: Thermaldominator covers
_BuBBy_: Grilled Salmon On A Cedar Plank
_BuBBy_: Post card from The President #LifeDuringTheTrumpVirus
_BuBBy_: Post card from The President #LifeDuringTheTrumpVirus
_BuBBy_: Russian Salmon
_BuBBy_: Russian Salmon
_BuBBy_: The new laptop #NotMuchOfASelection #LifeDuringTheTrumpVirus
_BuBBy_: The day my laptop died #LifeDuringTheTrumpVirus
_BuBBy_: Shutter to fast
_BuBBy_: Pandemic 2020
_BuBBy_: 2020 86/366 3/26/2020 THURSDAY - ZaZZy wants to know why I am not heading to bed
_BuBBy_: Gonna get stuff done! But instead watch a comedian on the Netflix...
_BuBBy_: Cosmic Vision Hazy Double IPA - Dynasty Brewing Company
_BuBBy_: RISE UP - Adroit Theory Double IPA
_BuBBy_: Salad
_BuBBy_: Another pile of crap
_BuBBy_: 2020 85/366 3/25/2020 WEDNESDAY - The nightly ritual - usually in the wrong order
_BuBBy_: A pile of crap
_BuBBy_: 2020 84/366 3/24/2020 TUESDAY - EXIT↗️
_BuBBy_: G&T
_BuBBy_: Gin & Tonic
_BuBBy_: Zazz!mataztical!!!
_BuBBy_: Gin & Tonic
_BuBBy_: Coronavirus Pandemic Channel 4 News
_BuBBy_: Hendricks Gin
_BuBBy_: 2020 83/366 3/23/2020 MONDAY - Costco $1.759/gal regular gasoline Sterling Virginia
_BuBBy_: AHA Black Cherry + Coffee Sparkling Water with Caffeine and Electrolytes