achatphoenix: umtriebig ;-)
photo fiddler: Budding Branches
Jay/Be: Armée d'échardes
Jay/Be: Écorché vif
Jay/Be: Vanitree
Luis FrancoR: Infrared panoramic from botanic garden 680 nm
esfishdoc: Beach Hag
esfishdoc: Inviting
Sebastiao P Nunes: Rubber Trees being ´milked´ for its latex to produce rubber, Lavinia, SP, Brazil
esfishdoc: Do the Seed Pod Boogie
photo fiddler: Maple Tree
Gay Foster: It’s Not Nothing
birdsetcetera: Naked Roots
esfishdoc: The weather had turned cool and windy and then I was falling and by the time I thought I could not fall further I was caught by something I had never felt before.
esfishdoc: In the Cradle of the Earth
mirsavio: Local view
photo fiddler: Magnolia Background
mirsavio: Field
esfishdoc: Interbeing
mirsavio: Selfi