justbenaive: Trees and their roots series
justbenaive: Late-night Locust
justbenaive: Giant ant, just having a sniff
justbenaive: Leaking pipeline
justbenaive: Swimmin' wit da fishes
justbenaive: Hint of a rainbow
justbenaive: Flooded trail through rubber-tree plantation
justbenaive: Canal & sky pano
justbenaive: Christmas-tree Angel wannabe
justbenaive: Early morning canal scene
justbenaive: Cloud on fire!
justbenaive: Morning cycle
justbenaive: Contrasting worlds 1
justbenaive: Contrasting worlds 2 (Buddhist Institute amidst skyscrapers & casino)
justbenaive: Contrasting Worlds 3 (Revered monk-statue next to casino)
justbenaive: Serene faces of Angkor Wat
justbenaive: Strange insect
justbenaive: Strange insect
justbenaive: Grandiose Thai-architecture
justbenaive: Sunrise, Sunrise, Looks like morning in your eyes
justbenaive: Pair of Indochinese rollers
justbenaive: Greater Coucal (Centropus sinensis) in morning light
justbenaive: Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis)
justbenaive: White minimalism experiment
justbenaive: My late-night buddy & fellow nerd!
justbenaive: Monolithic karsts of Southern Thailand
justbenaive: View of Wat Khu Tao market through trees from bridge
justbenaive: One of the entrances to the temple on market-day
justbenaive: Seems like this is the motorcycle & bicycle entrance
justbenaive: Vendor selling steamed Chinese dumplings