Dan Haug: Prelude to Christmas
nelcoo193: My first try at shooting RAW - Full Moon 11/29/2020 - Old Bridge NJ
Five Mile Man: Powerscourt Waterfall 1
EyeCandy Photo: GFXR3821
plb06: Iran - Suse - mai 2017
Steve Samosa Photography: Liver building Liverpool
Stevendmitchell: Chatsworth House, Peak District 2017
Sienna62: Challah Bread
Donna@lifeinfocus: The holidays begin....
Éole: That Faerie Forest
Henry Aldridge: 20121114 - 04 False Lanternfly, or Long-nosed Planthopper Dictyophara nakanonsis circa 11mm.
Kaptured by Kala: Male Texas Cooter At White Rock Lake
Enrico Alena: Gears and Cogs
Artajona: Odériz
°**°..Kat..°**°: Où vont les rêves...
knehte(r)gek: Black onion
gerrit-worldwide.de: Melchesee, Lobetal
David Ojeda Mairena: Un poco de macro, oruga procesionaria del pino (Thaumetopoea pityocampa).
Koen Bernaers: Light and shadows
W. von Zeidler: Ferris Wheel
sirhowardlee: Bottles
Stephen Marcus: The 'May Gibbs' on Lavender Bay
Way Tall Ginger: Stormy Bokod
Neil Pulling: The Boathouse - Winkworth Arboretum
Gary Chatterton 9 million Views: Paul Mathew International, DAF-XF (L1PMM) On The A1M Northbound
robert.kraiczek: Dresden Neustadt
wavz13: The days of yellow lights in the NYC skyline are disappearing. Today's buildings are lit in blue, purple, red, green and maroon. The new skyline comes in all sorts of shapes from "supertall" yet very narrow to having complex geometric architecture.