andy_AHG: Buck Scenting
andy_AHG: Fallow Fawn
andy_AHG: Rutting Buck
andy_AHG: Buck in the Mist 2
andy_AHG: Dark Sorrel
andy_AHG: Buckface
andy_AHG: Wet Buck
andy_AHG: Young Buck After Rain
andy_AHG: Smile!
andy_AHG: Sunny Morning Doe
andy_AHG: Peering Round the Fruit Tree
andy_AHG: Does & Fawn
andy_AHG: White Buck Shedding Velvet
andy_AHG: Galloway Wild Goat
andy_AHG: White Buck and Doe
andy_AHG: Buck in Profile
andy_AHG: A Morning in the Mist
andy_AHG: Lazy Sunday
andy_AHG: Peeping Buck
andy_AHG: We can still see you
andy_AHG: Season of Mists
andy_AHG: Buck in the Mist
andy_AHG: Antlers are useful for many things
andy_AHG: Does and Fawn
andy_AHG: Scent Rubbing
andy_AHG: Fawn in Grass
andy_AHG: Buck 2
andy_AHG: Buck
andy_AHG: Head to Head
andy_AHG: Waiting Under the Pear Tree