Eleanor (Very busy): The Little Bridge in Winter
Mejxu: Messingglanzstar, Lamprotornis chloropterus
francigb: Mattino d'inverno a Ticino-
Slávka K: stop and watch
Judy Baum: International Rose Test Garden, Portland, Oregon USA
Frédéric Fossard: Sombre Présage sur l'Aiguillette du Lauzet
Oldt1mer - Keith: Red Panda - Ailurus fulgens (click for info)
Manuel Peña Jimenez: Arroyo de Meaques.., Meaques stream.
FauxK@L: mésange bleue
phachnguyen45: American bald eagle.
Pepe Palao: El incendio
francigb: Isle Mull - Scotland-0013
Mejxu: Na Du ;-))
GraceKW: Ready for Landing
petra.foto busy busy busy: Morgenlicht...................
berber hoving: I wish you a nice weekend,without storm and with a lot of sun!
Guy_D_2018: Barbaste
hitoh 1: Fringilla montifringilla(female)
francigb: Cinciarella-60
San Francisco Gal: Death Valley
iseedre: Glowing Purple Lily
Yves F.88: Turmfalke
Alice 2019: Mountains seashore
gcalsa: Scozia-
R_Ivanova: The Hidden Mountain
ST-GB & AL Photography: VAutour fauve
Mejxu: Rosapelikan, Pelecanus onocrotalus
Slávka K: pleasant evening atmosphere