somabiswas: The Vessel
somabiswas: Scenic Swiss trains
somabiswas: City by the lake
somabiswas: the Swiss "Grand Canyon"
somabiswas: colorful volcanic landscape
somabiswas: the perfect island getaway
somabiswas: Mirror reflection (inside a volcanic cave)
somabiswas: Scenic countryside
somabiswas: the enchanted bridge
somabiswas: exploring a new pathway
somabiswas: Scenic Church by the bridge
somabiswas: the view!
somabiswas: Cliffs and islands
somabiswas: lake by the hills
somabiswas: Marina by the night
somabiswas: the atlantic on a moonlit night
somabiswas: volcanic landscape of the Timanfaya National Park
somabiswas: volcanic craters in the amazing Timanfaya National Park
somabiswas: the view is amazing
somabiswas: it is time to relax
somabiswas: Exploring the unknown
somabiswas: its very calm and peaceful ... sssh!
somabiswas: Home by the lake
somabiswas: Mirror reflection
somabiswas: the super impressive Austrian National Library
somabiswas: Hallstatt on a sunny winter morning
somabiswas: A 6km hike over 500m elevation has its benefits -:)
somabiswas: the mighty mountains on a sunny day
somabiswas: Colorful lake Blausee in Autumn
somabiswas: Lost in nature - fall colors