somabiswas: Scenic Olden - village along the lake
somabiswas: Panoramic view of Dubrovnik
somabiswas: the view is served
somabiswas: The mighty peaks
somabiswas: Train with a view
somabiswas: Yet another lake reflection of the Matterhorn :)
somabiswas: I love these trains traveling through mountainous terrains
somabiswas: Peak reflections
somabiswas: the picturesque Gorner Glacier
somabiswas: Among the milky way, stars and mountains
somabiswas: Me and the Matterhorn - Explored
somabiswas: The majestic Matterhorn
somabiswas: Green Annecy
somabiswas: 71°10′21″N - the Northern most point in Europe
somabiswas: Ürgüp Hot-air Balloons
somabiswas: Amazing Iceland - the place where American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet
somabiswas: Greece in summer
somabiswas: Nestled among the mountains
somabiswas: Village by the lake
somabiswas: the lovely cobbled streets of Saint Saphorin
somabiswas: Train with a view
somabiswas: Lavaux vineyards in Summer
somabiswas: It is a beautiful day in Lausanne
somabiswas: White Cliffs, Polignano a Mare, Italy
somabiswas: Saint Petersburg, the city protected by Angels
somabiswas: Green on blue - the colorful Winter Palace
somabiswas: the decorated hallway
somabiswas: the imposing St. Isaac's Cathedral at night
somabiswas: the dramatic Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood
somabiswas: Magical Saint Petersburg