somabiswas: A bird's eye view of Path of the Trolls
somabiswas: Wonderful greenery on the way from Cochin to Munnar
somabiswas: it is lonely at the top
somabiswas: the lonely hut by the lake
somabiswas: A relaxing evening
somabiswas: lovely gardens
somabiswas: Peles Castle, set in the scenic mountain resort of Sinaia
somabiswas: Majestic Montmorency Falls
somabiswas: The medieval city of Brasov
somabiswas: The lovely city of Montreal
somabiswas: The enchanted garden
somabiswas: So green and beautiful
somabiswas: View from Dracula's Castle
somabiswas: Count Dracula's Castle
somabiswas: Train with a view
somabiswas: Emosson dam
somabiswas: Majestic Alexander Nevsky church
somabiswas: Rila Monastery
somabiswas: Frozen Daubensee among the Swiss Alps
somabiswas: Lake Bled on a foggy day
somabiswas: Mount Bromo Sunrise
somabiswas: Winter wilderness
somabiswas: Amazing works at the Vigeland Sculpture Park
somabiswas: Vigeland Sculpture Park on a wintry morning
somabiswas: Frozen lake Sognsvannet
somabiswas: Rinca island boat tours
somabiswas: Rinca island panorama
somabiswas: Hevenly gates
somabiswas: Race to the Volcano
somabiswas: Lempuyang Temple