yonca60: Old houses of Mardin
yonca60: A red rose
yonca60: Old street in Midyat, Mardin
yonca60: Historic stone houses of Mardin city
yonca60: Akdamar Church in Van
yonca60: Old town Midyat, Mardin
yonca60: Ulu Mosque and Mesopotamia view
yonca60: Street view of Diyarbakir city
yonca60: Hasan Paşa Caravanserai in Diyarbakır
yonca60: Old town, Mardin
yonca60: Reflection of the clouds on the lake
yonca60: Climbing roses
yonca60: Wisterias
yonca60: House with flowers
yonca60: Sunset on the lake
yonca60: Cherry blossoms
yonca60: White blossoms
yonca60: Sour cherry blossoms
yonca60: Nectarine blossoms
yonca60: Old house in Balat
yonca60: Rumelifeneri Istanbul
yonca60: A small town, Orvieto
yonca60: Old wooden houses
yonca60: Blossoms
yonca60: Magnolias
yonca60: Magnolia trees in Ihlamur Pavillion Garden
yonca60: Iris Germanica flower
yonca60: Fener, Istanbul
yonca60: Historic Greek Collage in Istanbul
yonca60: Sunset scenery