ppanek511: P7220046
Stonepicker+: Beach Sand Forms
Ibolya Mester: Root abstract / Gyökér absztrakt
Ibolya Mester: Wreath on the wall / Koszorú a falon
leo.roos: Rusty structures
Howie K: span
maddpete: The grill
Jeffray12: IMG_20190701_114050_241
Pixel Packing Mama ~ 29½ Million Views: Purple Shopping Cart Corner Guard
matinaluz: 2019.07.05
Rosemary Chr: ' Curved facade
Thirsty Hrothgar: Great blue heron skull
msdonnalee: dissolving de young detail
CWhatPhotos: The Great Smell of Brut. .. .
CWhatPhotos: Cutting Edge. . .
CWhatPhotos: All meshed up.
CWhatPhotos: Seaham Harbour, it's a beach. . .
Pierre-Plante: mani-1716
Pierre-Plante: mani-1718
Gattam Pattam: Burnt Clay Brick wall with cement plaster.
Pierre-Plante: mani-1717
marinachi: abstraction in wood
martinru60: Ammonite
jandouwe: Any color as long as it's black.
queue_queue: yellow