msdonnalee: mural detail
stu ART photo: Red Minimal
Bart Mariner: Art Deco?. Pastel colors at least. Miami Beach
Shutter-Stone: Into the blue
Storyteller.....: The Comfort Stories : The Corona Virus Effect
Patryk Schastok: Exp.-033
stu ART photo: No Parking 1
Chocolatine photos: rouge et bleu
frodul: Unterbrechung | interruption
ddelaval: Une plume
M Coopwood: _T3A0535-1
M Coopwood: _T3A0687-1GryBrdr_pe-1
ddelaval: Une vision d'ailleurs
stu ART photo: Indianapolis, Indiana
YIP2: Yellow Square
stu ART photo: Urban Nature
Patryk Schastok: Exp.-032
Patryk Schastok: Exp.-031
~lzee~: ~ DURBAN BAY ~
msdonnalee: denied access
stu ART photo: Red Stripe
booksin: square hole #5
Rosmarie Voegtli: summervibes
m.herrmann1979: wirre Muster
booksin: a matter of perspective