montel7: lines in white and greys
montel7: double ceiling
montel7: three photographers
montel7: at the station
montel7: white, blue, red
montel7: embroidery
montel7: orange between blues
montel7: sky beyond curves
montel7: diagonal with reflections
montel7: reflections in the arch
montel7: fragmented reflections
montel7: upwards perspective
montel7: lines in grey and white
montel7: the trio
montel7: rectangular colours
montel7: move
montel7: geometrical fragments
montel7: half and half
montel7: for two
montel7: lines on the run
montel7: outdoor sitting room
montel7: skyscrapers jam
montel7: different surfaces
montel7: just a very small light blue corner
montel7: geometry and reflections
montel7: golden stairs
montel7: just before sunrise
montel7: different ceiling
montel7: five arches
montel7: first sun on the beach