montel7: geometry of straight lines
montel7: diagonal on the ocean
montel7: houses jam
montel7: in the sky
montel7: geometrycolors
montel7: with a touch of red and blue
montel7: moonrise and sunset
montel7: beyond the gate
montel7: hues of 'blanco'
montel7: eating upstairs
montel7: eating with shadows and reflections
montel7: calle Larios
montel7: the importance of yellow
montel7: seagulls,boats and a bit of mist
montel7: thin lines and thick shadows
montel7: different elements in one image
montel7: 8 lampposts
montel7: frame of palms
montel7: the slight curve of the portico
montel7: the small window on the left
montel7: shapes and colours
montel7: geometry in red white and blue
montel7: fragments of light
montel7: strange windows
montel7: new buildings
montel7: fishing bike
montel7: windows and arches
montel7: pointed grays
montel7: green curve
montel7: above and far away