Jack Belen: Quail Couple
Brown Acres Mark: Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) Female
PelicanPete: Leaf Walker
Thiru Sankaran: California Gull
Randy E. Crisp: Ruby-crowned Kinglet... NOT a Hutton's Vireo... :)
Kaptured by Kala: Sometimes They Have More Than 7 Spots
jerrywb2010: Turtle, Texas Spiny Softshell 4-8-21
jerrywb2010: Turtle, Texas Spiny Softshell 4-8-21
jerrywb2010: Sunning Turtles & Plastic Bag 4-8-21
Thank you, my friends, Adam!: Egret's Reflection
Terry B B: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Pragense Viburnum 11APR21
ecwillet: great white egret
imageClear: Double Trouble
JimDodgePhotography: Mallard on the Wing
PelicanPete: Great Blue Beauty
dcstep: Deer In Snow
Mike_FL: Concentration,GBH on prey
Lisa Roeder: Shake it Off
Hilary Bralove: Heading up to the nest
Mike Gass: Struggle For Food II
rumerbob: Ring-neck Ducks.
Kaptured by Kala: When The Sun Comes Out, So Do The Snakes
BobcatWeather: 2015-11-04 Mountain Lion, motion-sensor camera; same cat in 14 photos this date. Cameras are back-to-back on the same tree.
thetusks 1: DSC_2962 Bald Eagle @ Centerport
thetusks 1: DSC_2925 Fishing Osprey @ Centerport
thetusks 1: DSC_2879 Fishing Osprey @ Centerport
Thiru Sankaran: I don't want to see you 😒
anthonywoodall1: White Ibis