shastamax: Night Cloud Over Mt Shasta
shastamax: Twilight Lenticulars
shastamax: Pine Siskins in the Willows
shastamax: Wild Berry in the Rain
shastamax: Gold Starburst
shastamax: Leaf Colors on a Drizzly Day
shastamax: Baby Oak Starburst
shastamax: Autumn Oak Triplet
shastamax: Fall Leaves and Ferns
shastamax: Stripes and Colors
shastamax: Summit in the Clouds
shastamax: Fall Lenticular
shastamax: Forest Floor (Not Raked!)
shastamax: Leaf Medley With Fern
shastamax: Red Berry in the Snow
shastamax: First Snow
shastamax: Snowy Oak Leaves
shastamax: Autumn Glow
shastamax: Gold and Green
shastamax: Gold in the Forest
shastamax: Timely Rainbow Over Lake Siskiyou
shastamax: Look Who's Back!
shastamax: On Golden Pond
shastamax: Fall Oak Leaves
shastamax: Color in the Forest
shastamax: Rainbow Leaves
shastamax: Golden Boy
shastamax: Yellow-Rumped Warbler
shastamax: Pine Siskin
shastamax: Post Storm Sparrow