jdodge7845n: Autumn from the Air
jdodge7845n: Through Rain and Fog
jdodge7845n: The Hitchiker
jdodge7845n: The Sentinels (Explore 09/24/2023)
jdodge7845n: Yippee, I can fly!!!
jdodge7845n: As Evening Falls
jdodge7845n: Bright Eyes and Big Ears
jdodge7845n: A Burst of Autumn
jdodge7845n: Pier and Jetty in Evening Light
jdodge7845n: Carved by eons of ocean waves
jdodge7845n: Storm over the High Desert (Explore 9/8/2023)
jdodge7845n: Autumn Approaches
jdodge7845n: Steelhead Falls on a Brisk Winter Morning
jdodge7845n: Profile of an Ancient Bird
jdodge7845n: Cue the Orchestra Maestro
jdodge7845n: Early Autumn on the Metolius (2021)
jdodge7845n: Summer Sunset over the Sisters
jdodge7845n: Portrait of an Adolescent
jdodge7845n: And the Earth Shook
jdodge7845n: Early Autumn in the Tetons (Explore 08/23/2023)
jdodge7845n: Early Autumn Colors on the Willamette
jdodge7845n: Three Sisters in their Winter Clothes
jdodge7845n: Bad Feather Day
jdodge7845n: When the Kids Need a Parent
jdodge7845n: The Guardians
jdodge7845n: Wizard Island at Crater Lake
jdodge7845n: Evening Light in the Canyon
jdodge7845n: Sometimes You Just Need a Hug
jdodge7845n: Teton Autum Brilliance (Explore 08-07-2023)
jdodge7845n: Yosemtie's Granite and Trees