JoeGarity: Curved reflections (with a truck crossing the Bay Bridge on the left).
pbo31: cornel west
pbo31: ultra fitz roy
pbo31: justice for erik salgado
Clickspics: Turkey Vulture
Northwest Lovers: California Coast Viewpoint, Mendocino County, October 2020
Nfielden: Humble
JohnKuriyan: San Francisco Thanksgiving
tracyzc2010: SF downtown
JoeGarity: Howard Street
mark brueckman: Roots at the beach, San Pablo Bay, California
ed.50: not ready to fall
Steve W Lee: Painting at Niles Community Park
JoeGarity: The Bay
Bob Shonkoff: Carnavale in the Mission District
~jar{}: Along the Ohlone Greenway #22
Clickspics: Yellow-rumped Warbler
lpokotylo: San Francisco. A view from Angel Island
westbymidwest: Ice Plant
Lee James Harrison: 2020_11_20_Car Transport_0846
Beatrix MK: Fish statue in the Central Harbor Park
JoeGarity: Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in North Beach, on Washington Square Park. Built in 1924, bombed several times in the 1920’s.
Clickspics: Northern Shoveler
milton sun: A Silent Early Evening
pbo31: late night 3th street
pbo31: fortunately no one was killed despite the lack of a fire sprinkler system
pbo31: 6 ft social distancing
Aaron M Photo: Sneffels Milk Heart and Soul
Portfolio: Paul Hennessey: Sea Ranch Fence at Golden Hour 111620