tourtrophy: Black Friday Photo Shoot
tourtrophy: Three 's A Crowd
tourtrophy: Lunar Mountain Biking
tourtrophy: Lovely Fountain Sky Blown Out
tourtrophy: I 'll Be Bak!
tourtrophy: Fall Foliage Livermore
tourtrophy: Cross of Crucifixion
tourtrophy: Mission Santa Ines
tourtrophy: Empty Carousel
tourtrophy: Just Pretend We Were In Europe
tourtrophy: Bunnyhenge
tourtrophy: Throw Back Sunday
tourtrophy: 148th Anniversary
tourtrophy: Work From Anywhere
tourtrophy: Guardian Of The Dumpster
tourtrophy: Lurking Grim Reaper
tourtrophy: Last Frontier
tourtrophy: Bus Stop At Night
tourtrophy: For A Few Dollars More
tourtrophy: Volvo I Roll
tourtrophy: La Purisima Tranquility
tourtrophy: Brief Affair With Rollei
tourtrophy: Bokeh Balls For Dinner
tourtrophy: Cuartel
tourtrophy: Crossing The Lines
tourtrophy: La Purisima
tourtrophy: The Funist Ride You Will Ever Have
tourtrophy: Don's
tourtrophy: Shutter Off