tourtrophy: Summer Snow
tourtrophy: Name This Bird
tourtrophy: Road To Shasta
tourtrophy: An Evening With Mendes
tourtrophy: Doggie Goes Hiking
tourtrophy: Just Woke Up
tourtrophy: 6100 Feet
tourtrophy: Hedge Creek Falls
tourtrophy: Chipmunk Selfie
tourtrophy: Californian Beauty
tourtrophy: Second Time A Charm
tourtrophy: Summer Blossom
tourtrophy: Fireworks And Crescent Moon
tourtrophy: "Lame Fireworks"
tourtrophy: Group Lunch
tourtrophy: Tough Spin
tourtrophy: A Day At The Races
tourtrophy: Squash Harvest
tourtrophy: What Lies Beneath
tourtrophy: Clowning Around
tourtrophy: Sinking Sneaker
tourtrophy: Templo Pintado View
tourtrophy: Lunch Zoomed In
tourtrophy: Horseback Courtship
tourtrophy: Peruvian Dancer
tourtrophy: Pacific Coast, Lima
tourtrophy: Bargaining Alley
tourtrophy: Temple of the Sun
tourtrophy: Andean Women