pascalcolin1: Cross-shaped
pascalcolin1: In the umbrella
drollandnow: Memories Of Regret
pascalcolin1: Hung on the pole
pascalcolin1: On water
pascalcolin1: Against the wall
pascalcolin1: The white hair lady
fisherbray: Norwich Cathedral - Norwich, England
pascalcolin1: Behind the pedestrian crossing
pascalcolin1: Disapearing
pascalcolin1: In the train
pascalcolin1: On the deserted way
pascalcolin1: On the deserted steps
pascalcolin1: Leaving
pascalcolin1: Into the air
pascalcolin1: On track 7
pascalcolin1: On the reflections
pascalcolin1: Washing his hands
pascalcolin1: Following his book
pascalcolin1: Legwork
pascalcolin1: On the mirror
pascalcolin1: In balance
pascalcolin1: Along the edge
pascalcolin1: Human story
drollandnow: Appearance Of Stupidity Award
pascalcolin1: Before the yard
pascalcolin1: In the hall
pascalcolin1: The thinking man
MustangRosie: Taking a little Break!
pascalcolin1: With the little bag