pascalcolin1: Next to the wall
pascalcolin1: On the emerging edge
pascalcolin1: In front of the closed pyramid
pascalcolin1: In front of the grey wall
pascalcolin1: Next to the Seine
pascalcolin1: In turmoil
pascalcolin1: Nose against the glass
pascalcolin1: Lassitude
pascalcolin1: In the gallery
pascalcolin1: In the Flore Cafe
pascalcolin1: Along the blackened windows
pascalcolin1: Between the verticals
pascalcolin1: In front of the canvas
pascalcolin1: Waiting for better days
pascalcolin1: The proud little girl
pascalcolin1: Under the veil
pascalcolin1: In suspension
pascalcolin1: Between the white stripes
pascalcolin1: Before the tent
pascalcolin1: Running in all directions
pascalcolin1: In the bright hall
pascalcolin1: The feet in the water
pascalcolin1: Meanwhile, behind the fence
pascalcolin1: Snow game
pascalcolin1: Behind the plexiglass
pascalcolin1: In front of the stairs
pascalcolin1: The tiny woman
pascalcolin1: along the white arcades
pascalcolin1: Out of restaurants
pascalcolin1: On the beam