pascalcolin1: On the sandals
pascalcolin1: In front of the curtains
pascalcolin1: Between two
pascalcolin1: Behind the crosswalk
pascalcolin1: Crossed wetland
pascalcolin1: Visiting the bridge
pascalcolin1: On the grey mirror
pascalcolin1: In the grey frame
pascalcolin1: Along the staircase
pascalcolin1: Communicating
pascalcolin1: White Lady
pascalcolin1: After the storm
pascalcolin1: Modern mirror
pascalcolin1: Along the trunks
pascalcolin1: Waiting for something
pascalcolin1: Next to the umbrella
pascalcolin1: Under the white line
pascalcolin1: In the recess
pascalcolin1: Under the striped umbrella
pascalcolin1: On the striped road
pascalcolin1: Against the railing
pascalcolin1: Pedestrian promenade
pascalcolin1: In front of the spotlight
pascalcolin1: In front of the square window
pascalcolin1: Behind the small tiles
pascalcolin1: At the crosswalk
pascalcolin1: Behind the bike
pascalcolin1: Under the cape
pascalcolin1: Rainy time
pascalcolin1: At the end of the bench