pascalcolin1: At the intersection
pascalcolin1: Under the lights
pascalcolin1: On the concrete floor
pascalcolin1: Wandering
pascalcolin1: In front of the illuminated entrance
pascalcolin1: Along the stones wall
pascalcolin1: Under the gray sky
pascalcolin1: Under the lamppost shadow
pascalcolin1: Behind the round doors
pascalcolin1: The little woman with the white hat
pascalcolin1: My dreams, my doubts
pascalcolin1: Along the bright building
pascalcolin1: Woof woof
pascalcolin1: between arrows
pascalcolin1: On the wet roads
pascalcolin1: Behind the blinds
pascalcolin1: Under the bell
pascalcolin1: By the hand
pascalcolin1: Under the drops
pascalcolin1: Between the trunks
pascalcolin1: After the last step
pascalcolin1: The white pullover
pascalcolin1: Leaving the deserted square
pascalcolin1: The running man
pascalcolin1: Resolutely
pascalcolin1: Leg straight
pascalcolin1: On the high heels
pascalcolin1: Confetti
pascalcolin1: in the Oval
pascalcolin1: In the little cafe