pascalcolin1: Looking away
pascalcolin1: Behind the hut
pascalcolin1: In the empty enclosure
pascalcolin1: Next to the glasses
pascalcolin1: Jumping
pascalcolin1: The man in long shoes
pascalcolin1: Imitating the wall
pascalcolin1: Leaving the place
pascalcolin1: Between closed shutters
pascalcolin1: In double
pascalcolin1: Between the distorted lines
pascalcolin1: Against the grid
pascalcolin1: On long steps
pascalcolin1: The frail woman
pascalcolin1: Under the white veil
pascalcolin1: Under leaves
pascalcolin1: Across
pascalcolin1: In front of the pool
pascalcolin1: Between Inside walls
pascalcolin1: Next to the post
pascalcolin1: Black or white
pascalcolin1: Under the shirt
pascalcolin1: In the plastic
pascalcolin1: Across
pascalcolin1: In front of the closed door
pascalcolin1: Through the opening
pascalcolin1: Under heaven
pascalcolin1: Behind the pigeon
pascalcolin1: Heat stroke
pascalcolin1: Wet crossing