pascalcolin1: On both sides
pascalcolin1: Under the vault
pascalcolin1: Winter sun
pascalcolin1: Crossing the Seine river
pascalcolin1: Before the stairs
pascalcolin1: Between rain and light
pascalcolin1: At the entrance of the alley
pascalcolin1: Along the bright panel
pascalcolin1: Through the night
pascalcolin1: At the junction
pascalcolin1: Into the tube
pascalcolin1: Facing the tower
pascalcolin1: In front of the canvases
pascalcolin1: In the enlightened setting
pascalcolin1: Above his feet
pascalcolin1: An umbrella for two
pascalcolin1: Between the panes
pascalcolin1: The crouching woman
pascalcolin1: Following the white wall
pascalcolin1: Above the ground
pascalcolin1: In front of the illuminated column
pascalcolin1: Under the shelter
pascalcolin1: Things to talk
pascalcolin1: The bent woman
pascalcolin1: On the tagged wall
pascalcolin1: At the front door
pascalcolin1: Next to the abandoned chairs
pascalcolin1: Laughing alone
pascalcolin1: At the rails edge
pascalcolin1: With the little dog