pascalcolin1: Crossing the Seine
pascalcolin1: Along the circles
pascalcolin1: The woman and the tree
pascalcolin1: On the screen
pascalcolin1: In the bright hall
pascalcolin1: Between lines and stripes
pascalcolin1: swinging
pascalcolin1: Conversation
pascalcolin1: In the white frame
pascalcolin1: Crossing the steps
pascalcolin1: Downhill
pascalcolin1: Along the building reflection
pascalcolin1: The elderly couple
pascalcolin1: In the wooded alley
pascalcolin1: The last steps
pascalcolin1: In front of the walls
pascalcolin1: On the left bench
pascalcolin1: Passing along the slogan
pascalcolin1: At the left corner
pascalcolin1: In the car park
pascalcolin1: Side by side
pascalcolin1: In front of the exit
pascalcolin1: Between black and white
pascalcolin1: Of profiles
pascalcolin1: Along the gigantic wall
pascalcolin1: In the door frame
pascalcolin1: Under the tip
pascalcolin1: At the terrace
pascalcolin1: To the side