drollandnow: Realized Dreams
drollandnow: Theatrical Buffoonery
drollandnow: You're In The Wrong Place My Friend
drollandnow: Zest For Life
drollandnow: Nebulous Stimulus
drollandnow: Disloyalty To Principles
drollandnow: Takes One To Know One
drollandnow: Idealogical Posturing
drollandnow: Patton Cove Gospel Mission Church - Built 1950
drollandnow: So You Think You're A Romeo
drollandnow: Ten Cents On The Dollar
drollandnow: Captain Cody Roxies And Amphetamines
drollandnow: Permanent Memories
drollandnow: Reasoned Facts
drollandnow: Decorated Space
drollandnow: Sunny Side
drollandnow: Biltmore Christ Temple - Built 1980
drollandnow: Directions Weren't So Clear
drollandnow: Disease Of Nature
drollandnow: Dreams And Aspirations
drollandnow: Unhelpful Behaviors
drollandnow: I Have To Go Now
drollandnow: Thought Patterns
drollandnow: Brevard Seventh Day Adventist -- Built 1994
drollandnow: Simplistic Understanding
drollandnow: Alcohol And Pills
drollandnow: Elements Of A Story
drollandnow: Bethany United Methodist Church -- Built 1975
drollandnow: A Story I Like To Tell
drollandnow: I didn't have any photos *Explored* last year