drollandnow: By The X
drollandnow: Highest Ambitions
drollandnow: Clearing My Head
drollandnow: Out Of Hand
drollandnow: It May Have Been The Bourbon
drollandnow: Interior Monologue
drollandnow: Structural Relationships
drollandnow: Memory And Fate
drollandnow: Toing And Froing
drollandnow: I'm Gone
drollandnow: Defining Ethos
drollandnow: Learning About Love
drollandnow: And We Both Laughed
drollandnow: Public Emoting
drollandnow: Unlimited Nothing
drollandnow: Faces In The Street
drollandnow: Horses Rails And Mountains
drollandnow: My Hands Can't Feel To Grip
drollandnow: The World
drollandnow: Just Butts
drollandnow: Not Much More To Talk About
drollandnow: Everything Comes And Goes
drollandnow: Bondage Of Self
drollandnow: The World Sure Looks Lonely
drollandnow: No Reason To Get Excited
drollandnow: Convergent Interests
drollandnow: Hit Me
drollandnow: Nihilistic Negation
drollandnow: Artifacts Of The Past
drollandnow: Lose Yourself -- In The Music