Yesteryear-Automotive: "Double Decker". Special Treat Time for Muppet & Squeek.
the.haggishunter: On the roof with Dad.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: Wonder what the kids are up to ?
the.haggishunter: Mum Muppet caring for her three week old baby.
the.haggishunter: Three weeks old with one foot in the grit dish.
the.haggishunter: Why are they pointing that camera at us ?
the.haggishunter: Ten days old.
the.haggishunter: One week old.
the.haggishunter: contentment.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: King of the hill for Flickr Friday.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: On a mission....
the.haggishunter: Pigeon portrait
the.haggishunter: Pigeon Egg. Minimal-egg-tic. Smile on Saturday.
the.haggishunter: Eye - eyE Palindrome. Flickr Friday.
the.haggishunter: What's all this white stuff?
the.haggishunter: Sitting Pretty
Matteo Allochis: " I'll never leave you " :***
the.haggishunter: PIGEON in Monochrome.
JoannaContrerasPhotography.: The 'dark side' of Daisy ❤
JoannaContrerasPhotography.: Rocky Girl at 4 weeks old.
JoannaContrerasPhotography.: Portrait of my Indy .
C.Kalk DigitaLPhotoS: Pretty Pigeons
the.haggishunter: Angel on top of the Christmas tree?
the.haggishunter: What do you mean 'Go home Muppet' ?
the.haggishunter: Muppet the rescued pigeon
the.haggishunter: I was here first..
the.haggishunter: Confrontation