Yesteryear-Automotive: Pouch fit for a penny.
Yesteryear-Automotive: What is this?.
Yesteryear-Automotive: "Vanishing Point".
Yesteryear-Automotive: Lucas classic car accessory.
Yesteryear-Automotive: Lurking "Pearasaur".
Yesteryear-Automotive: The gathering storm.
Yesteryear-Automotive: Push > Pull Switch.
Yesteryear-Automotive: Up with the lark.
Yesteryear-Automotive: Doorstep delivery.
Yesteryear-Automotive: Ball-Points.
Yesteryear-Automotive: Wolseley Hornet Mk4.
Yesteryear-Automotive: Wolseley. "The only car with it's name in lights".
Yesteryear-Automotive: Three blue Minis.
Yesteryear-Automotive: Old Jamaica.
Yesteryear-Automotive: If only they could talk.
Yesteryear-Automotive: Scurrying woodlouse.
Yesteryear-Automotive: Under pressure.
Yesteryear-Automotive: North by Northwest.
Yesteryear-Automotive: Rams horn walking stick handle.
Yesteryear-Automotive: Herb garden.
Yesteryear-Automotive: One of your five a day?.