The.Backyard.Photographer.: Early morning frost on a dried Hydrangea flower.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: Early morning frost clings to a dried Teasel seedhead.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: It is cold in the garden today, so the Teddy Bears are wearing their nice warm scarves.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: Deep in thought...
The.Backyard.Photographer.: 'Candies' for 'Looking Close..on Friday'.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: The key to our gas meter cupboard.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: Decisions, Decisions....
The.Backyard.Photographer.: A drop of the white stuff..
The.Backyard.Photographer.: Beauty in the snow.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: It's a bit breezy today !.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: Container of Pickling Spices.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: Reflections of Holly.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: All set to start the New Year.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: Christmas / New Year, probably around 1958.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: Happy New Year 2020
The.Backyard.Photographer.: A Christmas Kiss....