maramillo: green coffee
Dr Phil: Livery Yard Cafe's lovely coffee art
en-ri: 1631
andtor: 2.Frühstück
{april h}: :: one of the many great delights of my life ::
MIgracionTOtal: in the kitchen
Dr Phil: Coffee at Revel
Trix: Pierre qui roule .......: La luna de Valencia
annovi.frizio: Chicchi di caffè
angelo appoloni: IMG_5433 Explore # 71 - 08/Nov/2011
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Dr Phil: Latté & buttertart at Revel
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Marko's_Art: LatteArt-89
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Dr Phil: Croissant & Latté
Dr Phil: TIME REBORN, physics. Brilliant.
Dr Phil: Greg's café
MIgracionTOtal: be more like coffee
maramillo: Caffè Maggiore
maramillo: Parthenope - Best coffee in town
Dr Phil: Café les Bruleries St.Jean