MIgracionTOtal: strange architecture
MIgracionTOtal: in the street
MIgracionTOtal: concord grape
MIgracionTOtal: Levo, Piedmont, Italy
MIgracionTOtal: madonnina
MIgracionTOtal: happy weekend!
MIgracionTOtal: Caravaggio
MIgracionTOtal: corridor
MIgracionTOtal: bestellt und nicht abgeholt
MIgracionTOtal: broken heart
MIgracionTOtal: strastre
MIgracionTOtal: Colazza, Piedmont, Italy
MIgracionTOtal: 12 years ago and now it is over
MIgracionTOtal: gestrickt
MIgracionTOtal: brooms & building
MIgracionTOtal: abandoned
MIgracionTOtal: Villa Lesa
MIgracionTOtal: guesswherehamburg