Dr Phil: Greg's café
MIgracionTOtal: be more like coffee
maramillo: Caffè Maggiore
maramillo: Parthenope - Best coffee in town
Dr Phil: Café les Bruleries St.Jean
Dr Phil: ‘Nathan the Wise’ tonight at the Avon Theatre
en-ri: 011
jakub.sulima: Rustic coffee.
en-ri: 782
SergioBarbieri: Caffè macchiato
en-ri: 549
robert X-100: A double café
Istvan Penzes: Moka Express [after ride treatment]
en-ri: 282
monalisa1492: Espresso at Roma Termini
andtor: Coffee break
Dr Phil: A fine breakfast at Edison’s Cafe.
maramillo: mmmmmmhhh
Linh H. Nguyen: You look wonderful. (Explored)
maramillo: Espresso
en-ri: 846
en-ri: 50240856_757864431253843_2624152402843926528_n
en-ri: 50280439_757861757920777_7037517773802569728_n
Dr Phil: Blue cup latté with a swan at Revel Caffé
maramillo: the wave
Dr Phil: Flocafé coffee, Larnaca airport, Cyprus
kurjuz: Brew
Dr Phil: Another fine coffee
en-ri: 1168
en-ri: 1086