The Owl Man: Coming In For a Landing (Long-Tailed Duck)
Frank Shufelt: The American Falls at Night
k.baranek: 4WaldstätterSee; Suisse
cbrozek21: Flame-faced tanager (Tangara parzudakii). Mindo Cloud Forest Reserve in Milpe, north-western Ecuador.
Adrian Court LRPS: The Empty Auditorium [Explored at #2!]
A.G. Photographe: Au dessus des toits
Guan Zitian: IMG_0450
kermit71: X1008001
kennethcanada1: Thank You, For Your Visit's, My Friends.
dcumminsusa: Sky, Rock, Sand, and Grass
bugman11: moss-art
Trey Ratcliff: Where the Sky is Torn Asunder
AdMaths: Loch Eck
The VIKINGS are Coming!: Home on the Range
© evan 47: DSC_7870
WernerKrause: ice chrystals
Tortie Cat: Cruiser butterfly – Vindula arsinoe
fesign: The Grand Canal at Sunset
andresinho72: Maria José
c0gnate: À bout de souffle
botanopé: Feliz semana,amigos!...
thefisch1: Blue Heron and Two Hawks
Paul B0udreau: Rescued Eagle
Tony Pe: Cigüita Tigrina- Setophaga tigrina- Cape May Warbler
DrPhotoMoto: Gulf Fritillary
Reg Gorring (regwah): 2014_03_17_5585
Nicolas Valentin: Just the look
Harald Steeg: früh am Morgen (klick in die Seifenblase)
Alpine Light & Structure: Glacier afternoon