stefan@aaby: Multiple exposure in the forest
stefan@aaby: The road through the forest
stefan@aaby: Pep Ventosa
stefan@aaby: Fantastic light in December II
stefan@aaby: Fantastic light in December
stefan@aaby: The mysterious island
stefan@aaby: The road to nowhere
stefan@aaby: Private, get out of here!
stefan@aaby: Abandoned Sweden
stefan@aaby: Another foggy morning
stefan@aaby: Foggy autumn morning
stefan@aaby: Autumn in Black and White
stefan@aaby: The wave
stefan@aaby: Intimate landscape on Öland
stefan@aaby: Abandoned house
stefan@aaby: Me and my bad stomach...
stefan@aaby: Mystery in the autumn forest
stefan@aaby: Autumn in Sweden
stefan@aaby: Evening light over Helga lake
stefan@aaby: Atmospheric morning by the lake
stefan@aaby: Foggy in the morning
stefan@aaby: Mystery in the forest
stefan@aaby: Foggy water
stefan@aaby: Foggy morning in Småland, Sweden
stefan@aaby: Sunset Light
stefan@aaby: Foggy Morning
stefan@aaby: Helga Ocean
stefan@aaby: Denmark
stefan@aaby: Dramatic sky at Ekudden Mariestad
stefan@aaby: Portrait in Styrofoam