stefan@aaby: The Foggy Island
stefan@aaby: It's cold up here in the north
stefan@aaby: Waiting for the boating season
stefan@aaby: Småland's most photographed barn
stefan@aaby: Less is more III
stefan@aaby: Less is more II
stefan@aaby: Beech tree in winter
stefan@aaby: Less is more
stefan@aaby: Frozen
stefan@aaby: My favorite tree in the forest
stefan@aaby: Winter in Sweden, bitterly cold II.
stefan@aaby: Winter in Sweden, bitterly cold.
stefan@aaby: Autumn in Kalmar län
stefan@aaby: Autumn on Lindö
stefan@aaby: Autumn in the forest
stefan@aaby: Autumn ICM
stefan@aaby: Stone wall in autumn
stefan@aaby: Autumn in Sweden
stefan@aaby: Autumn in the cemetery.
stefan@aaby: Autumn leaves are starting to appear.
stefan@aaby: The mysterious man
stefan@aaby: Mother Earth's satellite dish
stefan@aaby: Do not eat this mushroom.
stefan@aaby: Night in Stockholm
stefan@aaby: Ziggy Stardust
stefan@aaby: Reflections of Stockholm
stefan@aaby: Pep Ventosa
stefan@aaby: Multiple exposure in the forest
stefan@aaby: The road through the forest
stefan@aaby: Pep Ventosa