risaclics: Puente a la belleza
CW NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY: First Morning- Mist in October
_.Yann Cœuru ._: Mélanie
Katrina Wright: Dazwischen
siriusdebbie: putting on my top hat - hmbt
johngpt: the bug in the blossom
Shastajak: From Out of the Shadows
HW111: Dancing in the Dark
sdupimages: Wrapped Around Your Finger
karma (Karen): mono Fall
dshoning: Morning on the Lake
Elyane11: Rivière de Bokeh
birdsetcetera: Dead Twig
roelivtil: Follow me
Wendy:: with bubbles ~HMBT
AnyMotion: Sunshine On The Hooks
setoboonhong: Nature's Jewels
Simon's utak: Comfortable cat
Inka56: String
pixelia2: Entrouverture.
Monceau: Balance act B&W
shayne87: A rabbit I met
dawn.tranter: ..ok on the count of 3 let go..
Christine_S.: crocus
Jonathan Carr: Hyons Wood. Walker Titan SF with Rodenstock 150mm, Ilford Ortho+ in HC110
risaclics: Listen
martina~s: just a bit tired ...
Jonathan Carr: Hyons Wood, Walker Titan SF with Nikkor 90mm, Rollei 25+ in HC110