Tracey Rennie: Messenger
Katrina Wright: Gibsons Harbour en Noir et Blanc
Yvonne (on/off): Seedheads
Jo Evans1 - off and on for a while: Black and white bokeh!
Inka56: October rain
judy dean: Albertine Rose
_Oh my god Greta_: skinny white flow
Gloria Sanvicente: Rosa~Rosa in black and white
Wendy:: HMBT from the canal bank
CVIja(x): YAFB in BW
dshoning: There is a world of possibilities out there......
SpitMcGee: _old medicinal plant
Emmanuelle2Aime2Ailes: Puisque tu es là
setoboonhong: And At Last I See The Light
AnyMotion: Autumnal Starshine
Gisou68Fr: Soif ! Thirsty !
Elyane11: Invitation au voyage
sdupimages: L'Homme Pressé
blueachilles: The rare spark-plug flower....
roelivtil: Zoekplaatje / Can you find the spider
pixelia2: Dans la nature.
mags : ): home is where the heart is
Christine_S.: pink Japanese anemone Facing the inevitable... calmly.
Jacintº: Old Barcelona
karma (Karen): Magnolia Tree ~ Fall cone
G.McI: All this, and nothing.