trine.syvertsen: Abandoned house. Asker, Norway
langdon10: Cloud Collides with Mountain
langdon10: Troll Wall
KvikneFoto: " wait for us " ......
coopsmith: B11A1908.jpg
langdon10: Glacial Melt
Lars Emil J: Common chaffinch singing in the wood
Lars Emil J: Hello!
Kai Rennert: Hymermobil in Norwegen
kenthelleland: "Enchanted dead tree"
Frode.Sleveland: Øykjafjell i Sandnes
langdon10: Seeing in Layers
johan.bergenstrahle: Polarcamp 20190606 5
EinarMostad: Sealscape
EinarMostad: Nordhasselvika
EinarMostad: Beach vista
EinarMostad: Stars, trees, boats and sea
Frode.Sleveland: Moose On The Road
Frode.Sleveland: A Norwegian House
Frode.Sleveland: Helleren Frozen Waterfall, Norway.
Vest der ute: "Lille Lungegårdsvann", Bergen - Norway
jarle.kvam: IMGP3664
Terje Håheim (thaheim): Heaven on Fire
trine.syvertsen: A perfectly shaped island in the sunset
langdon10: Noway's Beauty
langdon10: The road less taken
morten.images: Sunset at the marnia by our summerhouse.
Kai Rennert: street art, Oslo, norway