jmfuscophotos: Semipalmated Plover
frank.kocsis1: Mule Deer 3757
frank.kocsis1: Sparrow sp. 8439
frank.kocsis1: Sparrow sp. vs. Downy Woodpecker 3590
frank.kocsis1: Tufted Titmouse 1948
frank.kocsis1: Downy Woodpecker (M) vs. Yellow-breasted Sapsucker (F) 4348
frank.kocsis1: Downy Woodpecker (M) vs. Hairy Woodpecker (F) 5866
frank.kocsis1: Yellow-shafted Flicker (M) vs. Eastern Bluebird (M) 0492
Rhisiart ap Cymru: The View from Greenwich Park
JBDPICS1: Herberg Century Farm near Taylor’s Falls Minnesota
Tom Mortenson: Wilson's Restaurant
Flemming J. Gade: The tower of Our Saviour's Church | Copenhagen, Denmark
Flemming J. Gade: Nyhavn | Copenhagen, Denmark
frank.kocsis1: Moose 3398
PHILIPPE BENOIT: Haras National de Pin…
37427: Kirkby
37427: Kirkby
37427: Kirkby
37427: Kirkby
37427: Kirkby
37427: Kirkby
Ormie (O): Who's she dear?...
Ormie (O): Finally we made it...
Ormie (O): Into the shadows...