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benbobjr: 36145
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TaffTravels10: P1280615
TaffTravels10: P1280596
TaffTravels10: P1280593
sandmegsalli: A Different view of Britania Bridge.
sandmegsalli: Britania Bridge. North Wales.
Ron Fisher: D21421. Landing Point.
Ron Fisher: D21419. Nearly there.
Ron Fisher: D21418. Nearly back.
Ron Fisher: D21417. Rescue Boat.
Ron Fisher: D21412. Rescue Boat.
Ron Fisher: D21409. Rescued!
Ron Fisher: D21401. Rescue Boat.
Ron Fisher: D21405. Rescue Boat.
Ron Fisher: D21400. Search and Rescue.
Ron Fisher: D21398. Stranded!
The Marches Wanderer: Particular Baptist Chapel, Crug, Powys
Clint__Budd: BBMF City of Lincoln
Welsh Gold: A bit of Class
robertevans17: Dolgoch Falls
Welsh photographs - thanks for 7 million views: Powis Castle, Welshpool, Powys, Wales 14.07.19 (AW07 120)
Clint__Budd: Isolated Ignorance
richpix: 60163 "Tornado" in Tenby
PSHiggins: Last rays on Crib Goch
TaffTravels10: P1280585