TaffTravels10: The Flying Scotsman
spearmint62: Eucalyptus tree and Pen y fan in winter .
sab89: Barmouth to Fairbourne Ferry "Emily's"
jeremy willcocks: The Steep Path Down
mlomax1: Going For Gold
margaretc1946: Paddle Boarding
Dawn Hughes: DSC_6692
Dawn Hughes: DSC_7570
Dawn Hughes: DSC_6987
Brian O'Mahony: Across The Great Divide
robertevans17: Lone tree at Llyn Dinas
TaffTravels10: Flying Scotsman
TaffTravels10: The Flying Scotsman
TaffTravels10: P1060741
Mark Roberts.: Remembrance
sandmegsalli: Another of the Damb. Taken with phone this time.
sandmegsalli: Damb buster's.
TaffTravels10: P1060714
TaffTravels10: P1060674
TaffTravels10: P1060677
TaffTravels10: P1060658
TaffTravels10: P1060654
TaffTravels10: P1060646
Jill Lewins: For Crumble
peter_schoeber: 993 Dovey Junction 19 juni 1985
peter_schoeber: 991 Brynglass 19 juni 1985
peter_schoeber: 989 Dollgoch Falls 19 juni 1985
peter_schoeber: 986 Dollgoch Falls 19 juni 1985
peter_schoeber: 985 Dollgoch Falls 19 juni 1985