robertevans17: Watkin Path Rays
robertevans17: Snowdonia Sunrise
robertevans17: Why not, I was passing.
robertevans17: Magic Mist
robertevans17: Winter hanging on
robertevans17: Rocky beach of many colours
robertevans17: Sunset Pool
robertevans17: Grey Dywarchen
robertevans17: Tide coming in at the Church in the Sea
robertevans17: Blue and White Reflection
robertevans17: Tree Frame
robertevans17: Brothers Water Morning
robertevans17: Trawsfynydd Morning
robertevans17: Sand and Shapes
robertevans17: Calm Trawsfynydd
robertevans17: Winter Morning
robertevans17: Morning Clouds
robertevans17: Dolbadarn Castle
robertevans17: Llyn Padarn
robertevans17: Industrial Morning
robertevans17: Winter Mist
robertevans17: Just has to be taken
robertevans17: Sudden Light
robertevans17: Big Sky
robertevans17: Light through the fog
robertevans17: Woodland Walk
robertevans17: Lighthouse Sunrise
robertevans17: Autumn at Storeton
robertevans17: Out of the mist
robertevans17: Calm Morning at Bala