vidular "Joe": Stormy Night
Gate Gustafson: Elsewhere... [after the boys of summer have gone]
Gate Gustafson: The typewriter's ball
Roi.C: "The Sound Of Silence"
Roi.C: Horizon
​j૯αท ʍ૮ℓαท૯: Here Comes The Sun Again...
Joe Palframan: Dolomites10
Joe Palframan: Clifton sunrise
Roi.C: I am ready
Roi.C: End of the day
Roi.C: "Things behind the sun"
Roi.C: The Fisherman
Roi.C: "Look at me"
Roi.C: Top of the world
Roi.C: Going home
Roi.C: My best friend
Roi.C: bolsena lake - italy
Roi.C: My best friend
Roi.C: Waves
Roi.C: Childhood... "Do you see the boat ?"
yousaf10c: Abu Dhabi ATC
Roi.C: Wind