yousaf10c: Gulf Air 787-9 retro
yousaf10c: Sheikh zayed mosque B/W
yousaf10c: Sheikh Zayed Mosque Reflections
yousaf10c: Fairy winter Night at Hospital.
yousaf10c: Chicken Tikka #BBQ #tikka
yousaf10c: Taxiing to Gate
yousaf10c: Night Life #Job #bluesky #Traffic #Lahore #Pakistan #NightSky #sky #Nightjob
yousaf10c: Late Night Tea
yousaf10c: Tawa Chicken 🌶
yousaf10c: Morning from Abu Dhabi
yousaf10c: Saudi Arabian Airlines Airbus A330-343
yousaf10c: The Elders
yousaf10c: Harmonics
yousaf10c: Abu Dhabi ATC
yousaf10c: Chocolate Cake
yousaf10c: AP-BLS landing in Lahore
yousaf10c: PIA's Airbus A320 on approach into Lahore.
yousaf10c: Chicken BBQ
yousaf10c: The door
yousaf10c: Yummy... Finger licking yummy
yousaf10c: Color no color
yousaf10c: Ice cream best served cold
yousaf10c: Not the best burger in town
yousaf10c: Like tall river grass
yousaf10c: Mushshak
yousaf10c: Cinnamon rolls
yousaf10c: Back to Balakot
yousaf10c: Bubble Clouds
yousaf10c: Lake Saiful Muluk
yousaf10c: Golden Hour clouds