jimj0will: Strand
metwhite05: Building Wires Manufacturers in India
metwhite05: Cnc Tool Holders Manufacturers in india
justkim1106: Lincoln's sparrow
justkim1106: Spotted towhee
markwilkins64: Entwined....
johnstewartnz: 20190429_5633_7D2-100 A small section of Devil's Rope
leo.roos: To keep you warm at night
justkim1106: Eastern bluebird
Carole Mills: Day 085
Carole Mills: Day 199
EmperorNorton47: Fenceline with the Saddleback
justkim1106: Bewick's wren
EmperorNorton47: Along Santiago Canyon Road
colinserjent: 2018 05 15_5228
colinserjent: 2017 10 27_5568
EmperorNorton47: Not the Border Fence
G. Monk: Barbed Wire
Rhisiart Hincks: La luz de la mañana / Goleuni'r bore - Playa del Inglés
EmperorNorton47: Barbed Wire
EmperorNorton47: Water Tank and Barbed Wire at Sunset
Diepflingerbahn: On the Granite Track, Lysterfield, Victoria
EmperorNorton47: Barbed Wire at Baker Canyon
MikeRatti: Keep Out
colinserjent: 2015 08 03_9301
justkim1106: Inca B&W
Elisafox22: Barbed wire bokeh ;o)
Diepflingerbahn: Abandoned Homestead, Boort, Victoria
Diepflingerbahn: Rails, Poles, Wires and Blossom