RobertDicks2: My view––sitting on a bench while waiting for a vacancy
RobertDicks2: On my morning walk, a warning to go no further.
RobertDicks2: My fave bread, nan, for lunch. Yes, I use butter.
RobertDicks2: My morning walk had no photo opportunities, so I desperately resorted to a fire hydrant pic
RobertDicks2: Bored man takes pic of onion with 45-year-old lens.
RobertDicks2: I am so sick of these things.
RobertDicks2: A working lunch
RobertDicks2: My wife told me I had to leave these outside
RobertDicks2: Chronicling the fact that it just rained in Northern California
RobertDicks2: Food tray ready for pickup outside of quarantine
RobertDicks2: Lunch with microwave Indian food
RobertDicks2: The Fujinon 50mm f2 is a great lens.
RobertDicks2: My poor pills container is worn out from overuse.
RobertDicks2: Eucalyptus trees at Stern Grove in San Francisco
RobertDicks2: View from my morning walk at the Stanford Dish
RobertDicks2: My lunch at ISO 6400
RobertDicks2: Out of subjects, back to shooting leaves
RobertDicks2: Warning everyone that I am now trying nighttime photography
RobertDicks2: Our senior citizen cat enjoys a Sunday morning rest
RobertDicks2: Hazy, downtown San Francisco from Potrero Hill
RobertDicks2: Saturday means laundry
RobertDicks2: Gee, this is never fun.
RobertDicks2: I'm surprised at the bokeh from Fuji's 16-80 f4.
RobertDicks2: Halloween at our house
RobertDicks2: My neighbor's pumpkins
RobertDicks2: Wife using barbed wire to keep me away from neighbors.
RobertDicks2: Morning walk with the Fujinon 16mm
RobertDicks2: This is the chair I used while waiting to talk to the garbage pickup people this morning.
RobertDicks2: Domino waits on her morning bacon
RobertDicks2: Is the bokeh on a wide-angle 16mm any good?