RobertDicks2: When the 10-sec timer does a 2-sec shot
RobertDicks2: Trying some B&W with Fuji Acros simulation
RobertDicks2: Spring is coming. Turning green in Northern California.
RobertDicks2: I have dozens of these in pockets, jackets, cars, desks, etc. Hope to one day burn them all.
RobertDicks2: Same breakfast every day for years
RobertDicks2: Crappy overhead kitchen lights shoot Valentine's Day tulip
RobertDicks2: I had three of these for lunch today
RobertDicks2: Trying to shoot 1.7 on a manual-focus lens
RobertDicks2: Results from $25 Ricoh eBay lens
RobertDicks2: Road at Devils Slide Trail on the California coast
RobertDicks2: Love is fenced in
RobertDicks2: Freezing, early morning view with bird attack, Half Moon Bay, Calif.
RobertDicks2: Macro on the cheap
RobertDicks2: Becoming a fan of 1970s-era manual focus lenses
RobertDicks2: Cat shots are definitely better with natural light
RobertDicks2: 45-year-old Pentax manual lens on the morning walk
RobertDicks2: Boring pine needles are more photo-worthy in the rain
RobertDicks2: Farm fence on the morning walk
RobertDicks2: January in Northern California
RobertDicks2: 55-year-old lens in today's rain
RobertDicks2: My first squirrel shot ever
RobertDicks2: Welcome to our house
RobertDicks2: Due to COVID, none of the faucets at the beach were working
RobertDicks2: Half Moon Bay, Calif., beach walk this morning
RobertDicks2: Desperate for a photo, so I aimed upwards
RobertDicks2: Lunchtime walk, lucky light for a photo
RobertDicks2: Morning walk in the fog––and no horses in sight
RobertDicks2: People have been begging me for a #SundaySelfie. Here you go.
RobertDicks2: Graffiti people ruin a bench leading to the beach
RobertDicks2: Another great day of Northern California weather on my morning walk