Michael Döring: Timberwolf
Michael Döring: Rothschildt Giraffe
coopertje: Central
buzzer999: Dinky Toys No. 44a AA Telephone Box
Guillaume Dardant: Pic épeiche
Peter Law Photography: A Life in Public Housing
Robert Gregory Garfinkle: The Last of the Mohicans
david g schultz: 1942 Douglas A-24A-DE Banshee N5254L
Peter Law Photography: Dalmation Devotion
trphotoguy: The Luncheon, 1868
Ralph Earlandson: A Beautiful Fall Day in Colorado
Eric Seibert: Bullrider (#2), 2019 Conley Invitational
Mike Talplacido: New York on Culps
Mawz: Unscrewed
thor_mark : I See an Arch and I See All Around (Arches National Park)
thor_mark : There's Nothing Quite Like Comfortable Walking Across the Denali Tundra (Denali National Park & Preserve)
thor_mark : Creative Photo Editing with Denali State Park (Black & White)
Madison Historical Society (CT-USA): DAGUERREOTYPE of Mrs. Mary Scranton Brown Hale
Jaime Andres Herrera Villarreal: Buthraupis montana o Azulejo real 2
Jaime Andres Herrera Villarreal: Rallus semiplumbeus o Tingua bogotana 3
ryce.davd: On The Border
trphotoguy: Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany
trphotoguy: Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany
trphotoguy: Large Still Life with Telescope, 1927