profmarilena: 2019-12-088 friendly conversation , collage
profmarilena: 2019-12-082 annurca apples
profmarilena: Collage280 colors in movement , abstract
profmarilena: 1-DSC_2544-005 Torbiere del Sebino, winter 2016
profmarilena: 1-DSC_0313 sunset on lake Como , 2016
profmarilena: 2019-12-082 red
profmarilena: DSC_2101-001 my pink Xmas cactus , blooming as every year
profmarilena: Collage277 orange & yellow
profmarilena: 1-DSC_1514 minimal leaves
profmarilena: 1-DSC_1575 minimal branch, parco Increa
profmarilena: 1-DSC_2017-001 annoyed by noise
profmarilena: 1-Collage81-001 softly orange
profmarilena: 1-DSC_2012 too much noise around, worried ears
profmarilena: 1-DSC_1988 hidden in a small cage
profmarilena: 1-DSC_1953 under my palms, orange in a cage
profmarilena: 1-DSC_1619 maple branch
profmarilena: 1-DSC_1447 milky sun at the pond after neverending rains
profmarilena: 1-DSC_1643 minimal maple branch
profmarilena: Collage276 autumn leaves
profmarilena: from the web, Italian sardines, I love them !
profmarilena: 2019-11-291 just dead leaves
profmarilena: 2019-11-285 white autumnal helleborus
profmarilena: 2019-11-282 that warm feeling
profmarilena: DSC_1527 leaves
profmarilena: DSC_1460 November soul wood
profmarilena: Collage270 towards winter , artwork
profmarilena: DSC_1350 my pink Xmas cactus blooming now
profmarilena: DSC_1283 watch his ears ! worried or angry ?
profmarilena: 2019-10-059 light and shadows
profmarilena: Collage264 sunset on pampas grass